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The Pioneer chairlift (Pio) and the McConkeys chairlift have their bottom stations close to the McConkey service road.  The closest crossroad is  Webster road, Flatiron road, and the Silver King driveway (King Road).

The roads are used year-round for hiking and biking or by skiers and snowboarders.

The trail marker for the Link Trail is next to the 4X4 sign at the bottom of this grade. The  Link trail will join the Mid-Mountain trail on the "Black Forest" section of the Mid Mountain trail.

The green, red, and blue trail sign in the photo is above the Pioneer chair bottom station.  The road the photographer is standing on is Riser trail. It is also a new cut called Flat Iron.  Both of those roads/trails parallel an old cut of Webster road.

The photographer is looking past the green, red and blue signs to a trail sign near the bottom station of Pioneer trail.  That trail sign is Link trail. A new trail sign further down the hill, 30 feet, says Cynn City. (alt. 8,498 feet, N40.624 degrees, W111.5212 degrees)  

The Keystone trail will travel through Blueslip Bowl and then cross the ridge to Thaynes Canyon. Once in Thaynes Canyon Keyston descends to Shadow Lake and the Shadow Lake trail. The trail name on the brown post has been changed to 2 Step.

This post is on the opposite side of King Road where the Keystone trailhead is not located.

This is the Thaynes Canyon service road in Thaynes Canyon. The peak in the center of the photo is Jupiter Peak. If you wanted to draw a straight line on this road to the lake at the base of Jupiter Peak you would have drawn the uphill section of Thaynes service road.

You will pass trailheads as you Hike/Bike on the Thaynes service after leaving the 5 Way crossroad. First is the Three Candle trail, then the Mojave trail and Apex Trail.  As you begin downhill to pass the trailhead of CMG trail you will get this view of Jupiter Hill and Peak and the saddle between them.

A "Visual" map, count the trails and roads.

If you were traveling to Thaynes Canyon on the service road after leaving the 5-Way crossroad you could have looked north to Crescent Ridge (Ski Team Ridge). 


In the photograph, you can see the top station of the King-Consolidated chair lift. 

Using the clock dial technique to show directions make the chairlift top station the 12 O-clock position of the clock dial. 

A narrow dirt road runs straight downhill from the top station. This  is the RoseBud trail.  You can see the two-track ruts four-wheel drive vehicles make on the road in the summer.

The dirt road swings towards the photographer. The dirt road will pass a lone evergreen.  Just below the evergreen is an "X" shaped crossroad. The "X" is shaped by the dirt road and a bike trail. 

The bike trail is the last section of the Mojave bike trail. 

The Mojave trail exits at the 9:00 O'clock position on the clock dial.

The Mojave trail"s bottom trailhead is on a switch back (hairpin)  of the Mid-Mountain trail.


The Mid-Mountain trail leaves to the hairpin and enters the Quaking Aspen trees. The Mid-Mountain trail will exit the Quaking Aspen trees lower on the hillside. The Mid-Mtn will cross the hillside to a Claim Jumper winter trail's service road. The waypoint for the crossroad of the Mid-Mtn. tr, the CMG tr. and the winter service road is N40.6375 degrees  W111.5240 Degrees and 8,201 feet.

This Xrd is also an "X" shaped crossroad. The "X:" is the Mid-Mtn. tr and the winter service road. The CMG trail overlaps the winter road for 25 feet and then continues downhill to the base of the Park City Mountain resort.

 The lower section of the CMG trail is a popular trail. It is very faint and barely visible in this photograph.

You are standing on the CMG trail and the Mid-Mountain trail.  These popular trails overlap and then split.  The uphill trail is Mid-Mountain trail.

The bottom, downhill trail is CMG trail.

If you were on either of these  trails hiking/riding towards the photographer you could not see the other trail.  This is a blind intersection.   

This X-rd in Empire Canyon is easy to understand.  The direction of travel is on the Empire Link trail from the north.   The trail connects Ontario Ridge and Woodside gulch.  This is an east-west connector.  At this X-rd you are descending from a northerly aspect across the Speed Bag trail.

This is a two-trail crossroad in the shape of something similar to an  "X". 

The numerous used and abandoned trails and roads cross back and forth in the Park City area.  Finding the trails you want to ride is the reason for the interactive topographic map.  

The visual maps created for the map guide are to help the new hikers and riders find their way.