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Photographs 2022-2023

Shadow Lake next to the Jupiter chairlift.  This is the 10th of June 2022 and the lake is 5 feet down. 

The wooden bridge crosses an intermittent stream in Empire Canyon. The Daly Grind trail is the trail the photographer is climbing on. The trail crossing the Daly Grind is the Empire Link trail.

This is Shadow Lake during a drought.  The date for this photograph is the third of July 2022.  The photographs of 2018-2019 have a July 6th, 2019 photograph.  Compare that to June 10th, 2022 at the top of this page, and to July 10th, 2021.   

I have noticed that photographs of mountain trails have become popular on the internet. I have added the word obstacles as a description for trail surface descriptions I use with my guide and map. The obstacles used for the Summer Olympics on their mountain bike course have surfaces with rock gardens and drop-offs. The rock gardens and root systems and drop-offs you can find in the Wasatch Mountains.

This is a sample of a root system.  This is on John's trail in Park City, Utah.  Aspen trees, in this case, Quaking Aspen trees grow by seed or extending roots.  Most natural Aspen groves will have these root systems.

The following system is called a "rock garden".  The weather and heavy use have loosened the soil surrounding rocks embedded in the trail.  The rocks appear to grow out of the ground.

The rock garden in the photograph was above a construction site next to the Mid-Mountain Trail, located in Deer Valley.

The Mid-Mountain trail on the Crescent Ridge section of the Mid-Mountain trail. The trail connects the far side of Deer Valley to Willow Draw in the Canyons section of the Park City mountain resort.


It is over 20 miles and it is better to break the trail into sections defined by their topography or use. This section of the trail is used the most. This section is accessed by the Crescent chairlift in the summer. Many of the summer lift-served bike riders use this trail and CMG trail to return to the Crescent chairlift.

When the author helped build this trail in the early part of the 21st (2004) century the only rock showing on this drop was a 3-inch section of the top stone. Use has worn away the dirt from in front of this dropoff.

Mom and young Moose on Keystone trail on the Park City resort trail.  I wanted to experiment with more yellow in a photograph. These Moose were resting for the afternoon under a large Engelman Spruce next to the Keystone trail. It was dark and Moose are dark, they show up OK but they appear gray.  I'll use less yellow next time.