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Photographs 2018 - 2019


Shadow Lake, the spring of  2019 was one of the wettest on record.  The photograph was done on July  6th, 2019.  The manmade lake is still collecting snow-melt.


The Day Lodge in Walker and Webster Gulch.  This Lodge was a boarding house for miners of the Silver King mine in Woodside Gulch.



The safe is remains of the Silver King Mine boardinghouse, the boarding house was in Woodside Gulch but was moved uphill.


The Boarding House was moved to Walker and Webster Gulch in the late 20th century.

You can find the angle station of the 4 passenger gondola of the Treasure Mountain Resort  just downhill of this safe.


The "angle station" is located at Woodside Gulch. This is the part of the  original 4 person passenger gondola of the "Treasure Mountain" ski resort, circa 1961.


Locals found near McConkey's Bowl, this is a female moose with a moose calf.  As an unofficial mascot of the US Ski Team, in the 20th century, the Moose and Moose-statues are found in Park City and the surrounding area.


Local found in Willow Draw, the long ears equal Mule Deer.


As the snow melts in the mountains,  "spring" begins later in the year.  A "Blue-Bell" flower of the mountain-bells.


The remains of the Silver King in Thaynes Canyon.  This elevator and conveyor first brought silver ore to the surface and then brought skiers to the Thaynes Canyon two passenger chair lift.


Blue and White Columbine, (state flower of Colorado), found on the Mid-Mountain Trail and on the Link Trail.


White Columbine is found on the Mid-Mountain , Spiro, Armstrong trails and in Scotts Bowl.