LINK  to the sample Map Guide

I am looking at this summer,  2022 to provide a Copywrite of this Guide. It will be published after the copywriting.  The sample is not complete and it is not exact in its writing. it is just a sample.

Read the "Map Guide" page carefully.  Read the complete page before clicking on the DOCX tab above this paragraph.

This page is the Link to the Map Guide Page.  The Guide is 145 pages with more than 180 photographs.  The Guide on this website is a sample.  It is a read-only sample.  It is too large to download.  Open it as "Read Only". 


Because the Guide is a sample and it is stored in a Microsoft Cloud program attempting to change or remove anything will shut down the guide in the cloud.  You will have difficulty closing the program or attempting to save the program.  The Author will have to return to the Guide" in the cloud and replace the edition that is damaged