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Visual  Map  2018 - 2019

The Wasatch mountains are classified as HIGH ALTITUDE DESERT.  The air is dry,  you lose water when you breathe.

This is Round Valley (6,800 feet), and the land is designated as public use land.  The Mountain Trails Foundation manages this land for the city of Park City.  The donated land is crisscrossed with intersecting trails for hiking and biking.

This recreation area is family-oriented trails, playing fields, playgrounds, public parking.  The Park City Rec. building has: restrooms and a water fountain.  This area is next to Quinn's Junction  [labeled Keetley Junction on USGS maps].

The mountains to the west  are the Wasatch Back. 


8-Gig flash Drive 143.JPG

This is shadow Lake, a manmade lake used to provide water to run steam engines and drilling jacks for the silver mines. Shadow Lake is a destination ride for mountain bikers. The Lake is at the foot of Jupiter Peak. The peak is directly uphill from the three riders shown in Round Valley. It is near the top of the photograph, close to 9,000 feet altitude.

In this next photograph, you are looking downhill to Scotts Bowl.  You are on Shadow Lake Trail.  The trail connects to Blazing Saddle Trail, 9k trail and the service road from Shadow Lake to the National Forest Service road (Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest) Nf-029 at Scotts Pass.  


The two riders are approaching the trailhead of the Shadow Lake trail. The Blazing Saddle trail has an Xrd with Shadow Lake trail near the Jupiter chairlift service road. ( the lat & long and elevation of the Xrd. is N40.6175, W.111.5535 at 9282-feet). In 2020 the 9 k trail was connected to the Blazing Saddle trail near the pass.  

The building covered in galvanized sheet metal is the machine shop and elevator of the Silver King Mine, located in Woodside Gulch.  Trails nearby are Jenni's, John's 99, Mid-Mountain, Tommy's 2 Step and the Miner's Mile service Road to Flat Iron Trail.


This is an older photograph of the machine shop and elevator building.   The Park City Mines Corporation has boarded up the building with new sheet metal and made the building off-limits.  The elevator shaft traveled down 1,400 feet.  Please Keep Out. 


 The trees, above, are Quaking Aspens located next to the Thaynes Canyon service road.  The trail in front of the Aspens is actually the Thaynes Canyon Service road.  The Power Line Trail and Mid-Mountain Trail are uphill and Spiro Trail is downhill from this point

In the next photo, the "Forget-me-not" flowers are next to a 4 by 4 post.  The sign is also at Scott's Pass and the 1st mile of the Wasatch Crest Trail. 


The Forest Service sign at the top of the 4 by 4  says the  Mill Creek Trail is open for mountain bikes on even days. "No bikes allowed on odd-numbered days."

The flowers and sign are at the bottom of Puke Hill.     


The Forest Service's Nf-029 road from Scotts pass is to the north of the

4X4 post.

The service road from Jupiter Chair is to the east.  At the top of Puke Hill is the connection to the Wasatch Crest Trail, (a section of the Great Western Trail). 

The Pinecone Ridge Trail is also at the top of Puke Hill.  The top of Puke hill is close to 9.800-feet, N40.62131, W111.5620 degrees., it is recommended to have one or two filled water bottles when you reach the top of Puke Hill.

The new single track is Dead Tree trail.  It is on the north side of the saddle between Jupiter Hill and Jupiter Peak.  The north side of the saddle is also the south side of Thaynes Canyon, located just below the Dead Tree trail is the Jupiter mine. The Dead Tree trail starts near Guardsman Pass. It is a connector trail to the steep trails in the Park City Mountain Resort.  This single track is a two-way trail, on two way single track the downhill rider stops for the uphill rider.

Lackawaxen Lake is on the Bonanza Flats side of Clayton Peak.   The trail to the lake is a hike-only trail.  The trailhead is across from a new parking area and is near Guardsman Pass (9,600 feet).  This lake's elevation is 10,000 feet.  The lake is just below Clayton Peak, a 10,7201 peak.