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2019 - 2020 Photographs

Found in Woodside Gulch, the Silver King mine 

This is an example of a Visual map. The author of the map guide uses photographs similar to this photograph. There are three dirt services roads in this photo.  Two of the roads are downhill from this skiing relic, one is above the relic. In the guide, the author uses this relic to explain how and where these dirt roads connect to the Mid-Mountain trail and to the trails on Ontario Ridge. When you see this relic as you hike or ride the mountain you will be able to choose your own road.

The guide to the Garmin map uses this landscape photograph to let the rider or hiker find the trail or service road they want. The three service roads to Shadow lake have different origins. The trail at the "+" type Xrd. is the trailhead of Keystone trail and the trailhead of Shadowlake trail.


Found at the top of Daley Ave in Daly Canyon (Empire Canyon) is the Judge Mine Assay office, tunnel, and powder room.  To the west of this office are more Judge & Daly mine relics.  The hike/bike trails near this relic are the Daly Grind, and Speedbag, and just as close are the Gravedigger trail and a connection to the Mother Urban trail. These buildings are not secure and the mine owners do not allow the public to enter these buildings.  The idea is to use the guide and photographs with the map and choose possible hikes or rides before you arrive at the trailhead. With knowledge of the current weather conditions and the surface conditions of your chosen trails you have the best chance of a great hike or ride.


This "live" power station is next to the start of the "Grave Digger " mountain bike trail.  Located near the Judge Mine Assay Office, tunnel and powder room. 


The author rides this trail, he keeps his feet unclipped as he rides by the chain link fence.  More than once he has quickly grabbed the fence when riding the narrow trail.  The slope next to this station is not stable and will slide away.


Historic photograph of Bonanza Flats.  The City of Park City and the Mountain Lands Conservancy have upgraded this landscape including 50 vehicle P-Lots with restrooms and picnic tables. There are new hiking trails near the pass to Big Cottonwood Canyon. and new biking/hiking trails at the top of Empire Canyon.

The mountain peaks: in the center of the photo, Guardsman Pass,  to the left is Peak 10,420 (feet), and to the far left is Clayton Peak.

In 2019 two new and large day-use parking areas, with restrooms and picnic tables were built.  The City (Park City) purchased this land to preserve it for outdoor recreation. 


The trail next to the Jupiter mine relic is the 9-k trail. The 9-k. a nine-kilometer hiking and biking trail (5.59 mi.). This trail is also designed for the 9,000-foot (2.74 km) elevation of the top of the mountains in the Wasatch back.

These are the Jupiter Mine remains.   The mine is not secure, "Keep Out", stay on the trail.  This is a bidirectional trail, a two-way trail for hiking and biking.  These are building remains, and not open for "exploration".

Fleabane Daisy/Showy Fleabane.  There are many flowers of the Aster Family in this area, Engelmann Asters, Fleabane, and others.  

In 2020 two new 50 vehicle P-Lots were added to Bonanza flats.  The Flats are located Between Empire Pass (top of the Mountain) and Guardsman Pass.  This Area  is a Tri-County area, Saltlake County, Summit County and Wasatch County.  The Flats are above Wasatch State Park.

DSCN0123  Empire Peak  Parking.JPG

Historical photograph.  Circa 1991, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.  The author's first mountain bike.  Notice the solid frame, no suspension,  constructed out of alloy Chrom-Moly steel.  The Plastic sunglasses, for eye protection and the double water bottle cages!!