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Visual  Map 2019-2020

These mountains are classified as HIGH ALTITUDE DESERT.  The air is dry and it is possible to dehydrate by the moisture you lose when you breathe.

This trail is a new section of the  Mid-Mountain trail.  The new Armstrong Trail begins just above the Silver Star complex. Take the  Silver Spur Trail from the base area of Park City Resort. The new Armstrong trail is uphill "only" for bicycles and two directional for hikers.


The direction the photographer is facing is south in the photograph and is going to Park City Resort and Deer Valley Resort.   The opposite direction, north, is towards the Canyons side of Park City Resort.   When you travel south to Park City Resort you pass the trailhead going up Pinecone Ridge.   


The building "remains"  in the photograph are the Silver King Mines.  The hillside behind these remains is where the Town Lift top station is located.

The same hillside is where the "Gravity Drive" gondola was located.  The photographer is standing on John's 99 trail.  The trail on the far hillside is John's trail. 


In the Park City Public Library, there are history books. You will find books on the mining era and the Silver King Mine.


You will find the names of John Judge and John Daly.  These men found mines in Empire Canyon, also known as Daly Canyon.  The author of this website did not build or name these trails, do you think they may have been named for either of these John's?

8-Gig flash Drive 089.JPG

The printing on the red sign says "Tommy 2 Step Trail".  The entrance to the "Steps Trail" is just 30 yards past Tommy 2 Step Trail.  These two trails descend to the bottom of the Park City Resort and pass the Mid-Mountain Trail on their way to the base.


 The photograph above is the Viking Yurt located on the five-way intersection, it is near the top of the Crescent Chairlift.  Trails near the Yurt are:  Three Candles, Steps, Tommy 2 Step, Mojave, and the service road to Thaynes Canyon.  Naming trails near landmarks is an example of a "Visual Map".

These are Wild Geraniums There are many types or variations of the Wild Geranium.  Because they are white these flowers may also be Richardson's Geranium.

This is Empire Canyon.  It is also near  Woodside Gulch and Daly Canyon.  In the mining days of Park City the city had a reservoir located where the Daly trailhead is located, below this water tank.

The round metal water tank is gone.  The new water tank is cement and it is not round.  Daly avenue curves around the water tank.  The signpost says that the trail leading up Empire Canyon is the Daly Grind.

Up the Daly Grind trails are the Speed Bag and the Gravedigger trails.  Over the bottom of the Gravedigger trail is a new trail.  The new trail branches off of the Gravedigger trail as an "uphill" only trail, Mother Urban.

Mother Urban trail is a connector to the Mid-Mountain trail as the Mid-Mtn. leaves Woodside Gulch.

 The dates in the photographs change as my camera changes, in the above photo the date is the 7th of June 2022.   The old round city water tank is gone.  You are looking at the trailhead of the Daly Grind trail in Empire Canyon.

Dates on the converted 35MM slides may have a month, day then year format.

The lower trailhead of Speedbag trail is found in the trees next to this intermittent stream. 


The building relics are Daly Mine buildings.  They are labeled "Keep Out" by the Owners of the mines.  Please respect their interests.

This is a new Empire Canyon photograph.  As they were working on the new city water tank in Empire Canyon I was re-mapping the Empire Connect hiking-biking trail.  

I found this lady moose browsing on some shrubs next to the trail.  I did not want to disturb her lunch so I decided to go home and have my lunch, then to finish mapping the next day.