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The Flowers of the Wasatch Back guide is designed to answer the two most asked questions hikers and bikers have posed to the author for the past thirty years as he has hiked and biked the Wasatch mountains of Utah.

"How far is it ?" "How long will it take". Without any knowledge of the biker's physical condition, personal experience, or if they had ever been in the mountains of Utah the author could only answer with generalized statements or questions.  "How fast can you pedal?" "Have you set the speedometer and odometer on your bike?"

The author has created this guide and a topographic map to specifically answer all the questions any hiker or biker may ask about the trails in and around Park City, Utah.

The hiker or biker asks questions to be assured they are prepared and capable of using their chosen trail. The answers for most are contained in reading a comprehensive guide and using a geopolitical topographic map.  The map has thirty years of biking and hiking experience and the topographic touch screen map is manufactured by Garmin International. The Garmin International corporation has provided outdoor topographic maps since 1999.

Shadow Lake at the base of the Jupiter Chair Lift.  This is late spring and the lake is full.


Spring begins later at upper altitudes.  The atmosphere's temperature warms to spring like conditions after the snow melts.


Add the lack of snow and the average cooling per one thousand feet of altitude is approximately 3 to 5 degrees F.  This number is an approximate  because this is a "Gas Law". 


Part of the "Gas Law" is the weight and volume of the air as it changes with altitude.  The important fact is that on any day you may start at 6500 feet altitude and travel to 10,000 feet altitude and experience a ten to twenty or more degree change in temperature.

The amount and length of sunlight per day is also important.  Also the moisture content of the air is important.  

92 -96 _150163-Comstock Mine Bld before

The remains of the California-Comstock Mine [Thaynes Canyon]. The service road to this side of the building will go to Shadow Lake and the Jupiter chair lift. The Comstock Mine road is on the opposite side of the remains. The ridge above the building is Pinecone Ridge. 


White Columbine found on Spiro Trail in the King Consolidated portion of the Park City Resort.


This is one of the locals of the Wasatch mountains. 

Usually they just wish to be left alone.  


Important note:  "Please do not pick the flowers, some of them are toxic".  Poison Hemlock(CONIUM) & Hemlock-Parsley are similar. Poison Hemlock is deadly. 

 Fleabane Daisys, Wild Geraniums if each person picks a bunch of flowers there are no flowers next week.

Moose mom with calf.  This local is the largest mammal in the forest.  Do not antagonize this mom.

This Moose was having lunch when the author was mapping the Empire Link trail.  The date is the 6th of August 2021. The author thought it may be lunch time so he went home for lunch.